Seneca Falls Farmers Market Report for 8/17

The University of Rochester has recently complete a study examining the impact of Farmers Markets on the local economy. Their study, which focused on the Rochester Public Market, determined that for every dollar spent in the market, an additional $1.70 is spent at businesses surrounding the market.Now admittedly, the RPM is the pinnacle of local markets in the State of New York and has been recognized as one of the best markets in the nation but, just like the Seneca Falls Farmers Market, and every other one I have ever attended, it attracts local people, visitors, tourists, business folk, young, old and everyone in between to come and share in the fresh goods and great advice from local food producers AND rediscover the downtown!I was in a grocery store the other day and saw Red Peppers for $3.99 a pound; Tomatoes at $1.99 a pound and 80% lean ground Beef for $3.00 a pound! I can buy grass fed beef ground for $5 a pound, get 97% meat and no fillers, antibiotics, hormones or whatever for that price. Makes the Farmer’s Markets look like a bargain in terms of value, quality and convenience.Another thing to consider; With the recalls this week of ground beef, ground turkey, and the warning about E. Coli in Strawberries in Oregon, kind of makes it special to know the food you’re buying is being served at the family dinner tables of the people you are buying it from!Spread the word; 9AM to 1 PM in People’s Park. After buying all that healthy fresh food, treat yourself to a Cookie or an éclair while you’re at it!Peppers are here! Get some roasting out on the grill or in your oven for the best flavor!

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