Update & more details on tragedy in Benton

All 5 of the deceased from the car crash have been identified by Sheriff’s Investigators using other extraordinary means other than personal identification and the exam by the pathologist was complete. They were turned over to a funeral service and taken back to Jasper-Woodhull. Additionally killed inside the van that crashed was a small Australian Sheppard type of dog that belonged to one of the vans occupants. Yates County Animal Control Officer took charge of the dog’s body at the scene and took to the Yates County Dog Pound refrigerator and the dog’s body was released over to friends of the Amish for burial back at its home.Steven A. Eldridge, 42, of Penn Yan, is charged with five counts of criminally negligent homicide and driving while intoxicated (drugs or alcohol), reckless driving, unsafe passing, speed not reasonable and prudent, and failure to keep right after passing. He appears in Town of Benton Court Friday July 22, 2011 at 9:30AM. Yates County Sheriff’s Investigator delivered the urine specimen taken from him to the Monroe County Crime Lab for analysis. The Yates County District Attorney’s Office has entered the investigation along and Sheriff’s Investigators.Monroe County records indicate Eldridge, who originally was from Ohio was arrested April 21, 2006 for stealing a Rochester police patrol car and thereafter being chased through the city and for several miles on the interstate before his capture where he had multiple charges filed against him including resisting arrest as he had physical clash with police officers. He was convicted August 9, 2006 after pleading guilty for the felony crime of Grand Larceny 3rd degree for the car theft. He was sentence to min of 2 years and max of 4 year in NYS prison. He was released on a conditional parole December 2008 and he max’d out on parole April 18, 2010 and completed the sentence. At the time of this arrest he was a resident of Clifton Springs, NY. and drove garbage truck as an occupation.

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