Names of deceased in Benton crash released

Below are the names of the individuals involved in the deadly crash in Benton, Yates County, on Tuesday as provided by the Yates Co. Sheriffs Department. All are Amish from the Jasper-Woodhull area near Rte 36 and Highup Road in Steuben County, NYDECEASED – SOLDIERS & SAILORS HOSPITAL MORGUE, PENN YAN, NYMelvin Hershberger, age 42; Sarah Miller, age 47; Melvin Hostetler, age 40; Anna Mary Byler, age 60; and Elizabeth Mast age 46. Autopsies conducted this morning at morgue by Dr. William Dean and present was Coroner Brian Murphy and Sr. Inv. Christensen from YCSO. Efforts continue to identify who is who of the female bodies at this time.STRONG HOSPITAL all with multiple and extensive injuriesLyn Oles age 41; Martha Hostetler, age 36; Enos Miller, age 32; Rose Anna Miller, age 31; Emery Miller, age 47; Andy Byler, age 60 and Evia Hershberger age 38.GENEVA GENERAL HOSPITAL, internal injuries John Mast, age 47; Tim Labarr, age 44.TREATED AT SCENE AND RELEASEDDavid Miller, age 51.UNINJURNED/CHARGEDSteven Eldridge, age 42 – Bail: $125,000 cash or $250,000 bond.

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