Pistol permit changes in Seneca County

Effective today, all newly issued Seneca County pistol permit licenses will be in the form of a plastic card replacing the decades old “paper style” pistol permits. The new plastic pistol permit card, similar in size to a debit or credit card will have all of the same information contained on the old paper style pistol permits and contains new security features. “We have heard from pistol permit holders that the old paper style pistol permits would often tear, fray and deteriorate over time and we spent a great deal of time researching a suitable replacement that would stand the test of time”, said Sheriff Jack Stenberg. “We utilized an existing electronic computerized program module in one of our systems which gives us the capabilities to print plastic pistol permit cards” continued the Sheriff.Along with the new plastic permit cards, the underlying electronic database module used to create them will allow the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office to interface with state-wide pistol permit records. The old computer database that had been in use for decades to store pistol permit records at the Sheriff’s Office was a stand alone local system that did not allow search and retrieval access outside of our walls. The new electronic pistol permit system allows us conduct immediate searches and provides retrieval capabilities statewide to determine holders of valid New York State pistol permits and those who are not.Anyone holding a valid old paper style pistol permit issued or transferred into Seneca County can transition to the new plastic pistol permit card if they desire. Those wanting to transition are requested to contact our Pistol Permit Unit at 315-220-3220 OR visit our website at https://sheriff.co.seneca.ny.us and click on “FAQ’s – Pistol Permit Transactions” for the required forms necessary to complete the transition. A fee of $5.00 will be charged which is the same fee for anyone requesting a duplicate pistol license that is currently in effect.Another important change being made is the procedure to apply for a NYS Pistol Permit or to conduct firearms related transactions.In the past, persons who wanted to obtain a New York State pistol permit license had to either personally appear at the Sheriff’s Office in Romulus or the Sheriff’s Civil Division at the County Office Building, pay a fee, (which was put towards the administrative permit process) to obtain the application packet, take it home, fill it out, get four passport sized photographs and return to the Sheriff’s Office in person to turn in the completed pistol permit application to be processed.“Everyone’s time is valuable and we wanted to make it easier for prospective pistol permit applicants and current pistol permit holders to transact firearms related business electronically” said Sheriff Stenberg.“Starting today, we have put all the required forms needed to apply for a NYS pistol permit and/or to transact any firearms related business on our website. Users can fill out the forms electronically and print them from any computer. No data used to complete the forms will be stored or forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office. Permit applicants and permit holders will still have to personally appear at the Pistol Permit Unit at the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office in Romulus to transact firearms related business, but, we have cut down their time and expense in doing so” said Sheriff Stenberg.We have designed all the local forms required as part of the application process to be either printed or completed and printed on line. We also put on our website an “FAQ” section dealing exclusively with pistol permits and related transactions“We anticipate a large number of current pistol permit holders will desire getting a new plastic card to replace the old paper style pistol permits and will do everything to accommodate them even if it means extending our Office hours on nights and weekends”, remarked Sheriff Stenberg.Sheriff Stenberg adds that implementing this new process and the equipment used to store data and print cards has been accomplished at no cost to Seneca County taxpayers.

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