Auburn woman missing, daughter safe at home

Auburn police are asking for help in tracking down a missing woman.This morning, just after midnight, officers went to the home of 29 year old Katie Socci on Swift Street, a residence just off of South Street. They found Socci’s infant daughter was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom, her car in the driveway, keys and a cellphone also left behind.Authorities were called last night after a neighbor reported that Socci’s dog was outside barking — an unsual occurence, they said. After knocking, police entered the home through an unlocked door, and found nothing out of the ordinary — no evidence any type of confrontation took place.Socci was last seen around 8:00 pm Tuesday night. She was wearing dark blue nursing scrubs. If you have any information about her disappearance, call the Auburn Police Department at 253-3231. All calls will remain anonymous.

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