NYCC donation supports ‘Trevor’s Gift’

New York Chiropractic College is supporting the good efforts of the special people involved with Trevor’s Gift– an initiative providing nutritionally needy children from kindergarten through grade five in the Waterloo School District with packages of health-promoting foods provided through Foodlink in Rochester, N.Y. Since the inception of Trevor’s Gift the Waterloo school has reported that participants are healthier, more focused, have better attendance, and higher grades. Consistent with this commitment to advance good health and to encourage proper nutrition, New York Chiropractic College recently launched a series of short-term nutritional cleanse events that will help enable members of the campus community to achieve better health and eliminate bodily toxins. A series of talks, informational as well as inspirational, will support participants’ adherence to a suggested diet enhanced by whole food nutritional supplements. Since Trevor’s Gift aligns with both the College’s upcoming cleanse event and its general efforts to promote healthy diets for people of all ages, NYCC will provide funding to sponsor several children for the upcoming school year. “NYCC congratulates Doris Wolf and the Waterloo Education Foundation for having taken important steps to provide for our children’s nutritional needs,” said NYCC Executive Vice President and Provost Dr. Michael Mestan.

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