Yates 911 Receives Re-Accrediation Status

At the Yates County Legislature meeting today Sheriff Ron Spike received official 911 Public Safety Answering Point Re-accreditation recognition from NYS Sheriffs’ Association on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office 911 Dispatch Center. It was five years ago the 911 PSAP was originally accredited and must do so every five years. Peter Kehoe, Esq. Executive Director of the NYS Sheriffs’ Association from Albany, NY made the presentation to the Sheriff. In his remarks Mr. Kehoe noted the New York State 911 Communications Accreditation Program is a progressive and contemporary method for a 911 Dispatch Center to evaluate and improve there overall performance. It provides recognition that an organization meets or exceeds the general expectations of quality in the field of emergency dispatching by compliance of 70 professional standards on administration, agency organization, fiscal management, personnel practices, records, training requirements, and operational polices that address critical and litigious topics such as handling critical incidents, medical emergencies, and crimes in progress. He noted that the Sheriff’s 911 Dispatch Center is one of only 11 PSAP agencies in the State to meet this religious requirement. Also recognized by Kehoe with a certificate was Chief Dispatcher Sandra Smith for coordinating the accreditation and supervising the unit. Sheriff Ron Spike spoke on how Emergency Dispatcher’s are the “First – First Responders” to emergencies and that Yates County can be proud of their dispatch employees dedication and professionalism. He described their mission and their job tasks. “Dispatchers sit in a darkened room looking at computer screens and talk to voices they never see, and they are expected to do five things at once without error the first time every time,” said the Sheriff, “this accreditation achievement demonstrates to the citizens of Yates County that their 911 agency is readiness capable, and that contemporary policies and procedures are documented in writing, and lawsuit insurance costs are less.”

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