Seneca Sheriff Stenerg announces re-election bid

Seneca County Sheriff Jack S. Stenberg formally announced Friday that he is seeking re-election to the Office of Seneca County Sheriff in November 2011.In making the announcement, Stenberg said “We have come a long way since January 1, 2008 and there is still a great deal of work to do. I made a pledge to the voters of Seneca County that I would work hard to restore the public’s confidence in the sheriff’s office, and to achieve New York State Accreditation, and take a no-nonsense approach to employee discipline. We have done all that and a great deal more and we will continue moving forward with more positive changes.” We hear each and every day from the citizens of Seneca County the difference they have seen in their interaction with members of this office. My philosophy of dedication to excellence is now shared by the members of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, and each day we remind our employees that we are here to serve the public, a trust that we will honor. Equally important is the renewed respect that we have earned from our fellow law enforcement colleagues. Today, sheriffs from surrounding counties send their newly hired correction staff to us for basic correction officer training. Our corrections staff works with other county jails to assist them in their accreditation process. We routinely sponsor and host training programs which are attended by law enforcement officers from Seneca and surrounding police agencies. We interact with all Seneca County police agencies to deliver public service programs, such as child safety seat inspections, Operation Safe Child, STOP-DWI, as well as several others. The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office is one of 25 sheriff’s offices in New York State, and one of 131 of 550 law enforcement agencies in the State of New York to have accredited police services through the New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Program. The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office is one of 18 with Civil Accreditation, one of 23 with an Accredited Jail and one of six with Court Security Accreditation. In 2011, the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office is one of three sheriff’s offices state-wide to have every division accredited. We firmly believe that accreditation is the cornerstone for a professional law enforcement agency and correctional facility. We have met or exceeded compliance in over 450 best practice standards of administrative and operational excellence. We had over a dozen outside experts in the field of law enforcement and corrections give us a top to bottom, inside out review of all our operations and we have passed all those assessments with the highest accreditation assessment ratings possible. Without question, achieving New York State accreditation has made the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office and the citizens it serves better as a result. My Undersheriff, Gary Sullivan, as program manager for all accreditation programs directed the tedious and painstaking process and, in just 22 months, which is unheard of anywhere, achieved total accreditation. Gary has agreed to serve another term as my Undersheriff. When I took Office in January 2008, I found some employees were doing as they pleased without regard to consequences.We have had to arrest, terminate and suspend with and without pay several employees, impose significant disciplinary penalties on others and issued numerous counseling memorandums while making them accountable for their actions. We have at the same time honored many employees at two annual awards ceremonies for outstanding work performanceStenberg offered a few accomplishment highlights during his first term:In-Boarding inmates – We have been aggressive in marketing our correctional facility and since 2009 we have generated over one million dollars in net revenue to Seneca County by in-boarding prisoners. We closed the books in 2009 and 2010 by coming in over half a million dollars under our authorized budget IN EACH YEAR resulting in another net savings of one million dollars to the taxpayers.We cut in half the daily cost of feeding inmates housed in our correctional facility simply by instituting a twelve- day rotational menu, which allows for bulk food ordering and more efficient planning of meals. In 2009, we instituted an aggressive training program to provide in-service training to all our employees and we are happy to report today, the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office is one of the most highly trained law enforcement and correctional facilities in the State of New York, logging over 10,000 hours of training in 2010 alone. To offset the cost of training, we developed electronic, self-directed training wherein employees can be trained utilizing computers rather than sitting in a conventional classroom. Over the coming months, I will be providing information on ideas WE HAVE for the future. The members of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office deserve stability in the administrative operation of the Office. With that stability, we can continue to build upon our success and institute new programs to better serve the public.

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