Meet the Finger Lakes Impact team & staff

Each year, thousands of men and women take the field to do what they love…play football or be a cheerleader. Currently there are over 900 teams nationally with over 50 teams in NY. In the Finger Lakes, there is a team called the IMPACT. The IMPACT is a minor league football team made up of over 120 players, cheerleaders, coaches and volunteers. The goal of the Finger Lakes IMPACT organization is to provide a family friendly environment at all practices, scrimmages and games. Do you know who the IMPACT Players are? Do you know who the Diamond Dancers are? What about the IMPACT Staff?April 16, 2011 is Meet the IMPACT Day at Clifton Springs Village Park at the corner of Hibbard Ave and Park St. All players, cheerleaders and coaches will be available to meet the fans, take pictures, sign autographs and more.We invite you to meet the 2011 Finger Lakes IMPACT Saturday, April 16th

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