Gun Amnesty Day to be held in Seneca County

Seneca County Sheriff Jack Stenberg has announced a “Gun Amnesty Day” program to be held at the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office, 6150 Route 96, Romulus, New York, 14541 on May 7th 2011 from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m..NO PROSECUTIONNo matter the circumstance, New York law allows a person in possession an illegal firearm to surrender it to a law enforcement agency without fear of prosecution.Sheriff Stenberg stated that during this program citizens may turn in guns without fear of prosecution or penalty and “no questions will be asked.”NY PERMIT NEEDEDThe Sheriff explained that many illegally possessed guns are obtained through seemingly innocent circumstances such as through family inheritance or a move here from out of state with owners unaware they’re violating New York Law. New York does not recognize out-of-state gun permits and requires valid state permits for all handguns. Stenberg said the amnesty program helps get those types of guns “lawfully registered and ultimately into the hands of someone who can legally have it. It also prevents the guns from falling into the hands of criminals.TURNING IN GUNSAnyone wishing to participate in this program is requested to bring any long gun or handgun in an unloaded condition in an enclosed container such as a locked trunk. If you are unsure and don’t know how to determine if the weapon is unloaded and safe prior to bringing it to the Sheriff’s Office, transport it with the barrel pointed in a safe direction away from anyone and a Sheriff’s Deputy will assist you in rendering the weapon safe upon your arrival at the Sheriff’s Office.Participants are requested to drive in the main entrance at the Sheriff’s Office and follow the “Gun Amnesty” signs. A Sheriff’s Deputy will escort the person turning in the gun to the vehicle to retrieve the weapon. Sheriff’s Deputies will search records to determine if the weapon has ever been reported lost, stolen or used in a crime. They will also be on hand to answer any questions participants may have concerning guns and gun laws.Receipts will be provided for all weapons turned in during this program. Surrendered firearms will not be destroyed unless the person dropping it off specifically requests that. The weapons will be safely stored for one year allowing owners the opportunity to either apply for a New York State Pistol Permit or otherwise legally dispose of the gun, such as transferring it to a licensed dealer for sale. If no action is taken after a year, the gun can be declared nuisance property and destroyed.Sheriff Stenberg stated that the problem of illegal weapons in our communities is a concern for all citizens. It is hoped that this program will help get these guns lawfully registered, stored or destroyed and prevent them from being used in crimes. Anyone with questions can contact

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