South Seneca teacher invited to White House

South Seneca second grade teacher, June Bedore, a champion for the ‘Math and movement’ program at South Seneca, was recently invited to accompany Math and Movement founder Suzy Koontz as they meet with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and the first lady’s aide, Abby Hogan. They are also hoping for an audience with the first lady, Michelle Obama. Abby Hogan is in charge of the “Let’s Move” initiative, which is near and dear to the heart of Mrs. Obama, as one of her goals is to increase children’s physical activity . Math&Movement™ is a kinesthetic, multi-sensory approach to teaching math that incorporates physical exercise, stretching, cross-body movements, yoga, and visually-pleasing floor mats designed to encourage students to practice math concepts. The Math&Movement™ program allows students to physically hop, walk, crawl, dance or touch the mats and banners as they learn thus using more learning modalities (visual, auditory, motor and kinesthetic) when practicing.The Math and Movement program is in it second year at South Seneca and has been well received by students and faculty. Faculty and staff are bombarded with research and corporations touting the latest teaching tool. Mrs. Bedore states, ‘it is brilliant in its simplicity. It allows children to use their bodies for making connections, which has been scientifically linked to brain research as a key factor in retaining information. For me, the most exciting piece is experiencing a noticeable change in my students.” One example she gave was a robust second grader in need of special education in some areas. He struggled in math not finding his own path. He called Mrs. Bedore to his desk while having trouble with a word problem that included three tricycles with three wheels each. After drawing pictures of the tricycles and starting to write the number sentence he burst out, “Hey, I know this from Math and Movement. I can count by threes.” He used his body and chanted 3,6,9, then continued, “the answer is 9. Oh, I know this. This is easy.” For more information on this program, www.mathandmovement.com

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