Joint Statement issued by Nozzolio & Kolb

Currently, we are working hard to establish an on-time state budget that cuts spending, cuts taxes and provides for a fair distribution of state aid for education. In the budget, we’re also fighting to ensure and preserve Governor Cuomo’s commitment to collect sales taxes on transactions from Indians to non- Indians. In the last few weeks, we have also drafted and introduced two legislative measures to redefine Indian reservations in New York, as well as to re-establish the requirement of legislative approval of all Indian agreements with the State, an authority destroyed by the New York City Democrats last year.We have also obtained Governor Cuomo’s willingness to meet with a delegation of elected officials from Cayuga and Seneca Counties to discuss the Cayuga Indian land claim as it relates to the collection of sales taxes on goods sold to non-Indians. It is expected that the meeting will take place in Albany at a date that will be determined after the State budget is enacted.Locally, we have scheduled a summit meeting with District Attorneys, Sheriffs and police personnel to discuss the appropriate procedures necessary for enforcement of local and State laws as they pertain to the Cayugas.We will also continue to implore our federal representatives to do all possible to stop the federal government, and specifically the Bureau of Indian Affairs, from establishing a reservation in Seneca and Cayuga Counties.

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