Seneca Sheriff’s Office Now Fully Accredited

Seneca County Sheriff Jack S. Stenberg announced that on March 1, 2011, he and Undersheriff Gary Sullivan, representing the men and women of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office were invited and attended the quarterly meeting of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Council on Law Enforcement Accreditation in Albany, New York. At that time the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office was “officially” awarded New York State Accreditation status for its Law Enforcement Division. The Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Division, which comprises the uniform road patrol, criminal investigation, navigation, fiscal services, administration and records divisions underwent an intensive three day on site accreditation assessment in January 2011, by three veteran law enforcement assessors from the Division of Criminal Justice Services, in which the Sheriff’s Office had demonstrated compliance with over 120 standards of law enforcement best practices. In early February 2011, three civil assessors conducted an on-site accreditation assessment of the Sheriff’s Civil Division in Waterloo, the last remaining Sheriff’s Division to undergo an on-site accreditation assessment. Assessors reviewed Sheriff’s policies and procedures to ensure compliance with 120 standards of operational excellence as they relate to the operation of the Sheriff’s Civil Division. The Sheriff’s Civil Division is responsible for enforcing orders from Courts of competent jurisdiction, as well as processing and enforcing income executions, evictions, and property sales.

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