Nozzolio statement regarding Cayuga Indians

“I was very glad to have participated in the extremely productive discussions with my friends and neighbors on the issues surrounding the Cayuga Indians. The meeting was informative and provided us with the opportunity to share with each other our deep concerns and frustrations with the Cayuga Indians’ continued acquisition of land and nonpayment of taxes. I concur with the sentiments raised at the meeting and view the suggestions not as a list of demands, but rather good action items for all government leaders to pursue at the local, State and Federal levels.””Assemblyman Kolb and I have already begun discussions with Governor Cuomo’s office to arrange a meeting with the Governor and elected officials from Cayuga and Seneca counties. Within the last week, I have directly discussed this issue with Governor Cuomo and he reaffirmed his seriousness of purpose in his intent to collect the taxes.””There were also a number of great suggestions raised by participants at the meeting, including measures to bring national attention to this issue. I have begun to pursue communicating with national public opinion leaders on our concern and outrage over the federal government’s actions against its own citizens.”

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