South Seneva Biggest Losers Shed 600+ lbs.

Desserts and chocolate were scarce for five weeks at the South Seneca campuses and the weight room was a very popular place! South Seneca Elementary, Middle and High School teams persevered for five weeks after setting weight-loss resolutions at the beginning of 2011. A total of 619 pounds were shed by 72 staff members! The winning team (of a cash prize) in the middle-high school was Dale Ellis, Steve Zielinski and Connie Adams. The winning team (of a cash prize) in the elementary school was Emily Sturdivant and Jennifer Woodard. Each participant donated $20 for the five-week incentive program. A check for $100 was presented to Janet Lynch of the South Seneca Ecumenical Food Bank from monies for the contest. Top three highest male losers were: Dale Ellis, Ken Ovenshire, Matt Barkee; Honorable Mention to Joe Brewer. The top three highest female losers were Marilyn Nihill, Connie Adams, Patty Parsons, Darlene Huff; Honorable Mention to Patty Arcangeli. Congratulations to all!

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