Rise and Shine South Seneca

Rise and Shine South Seneca! Two years ago, the South Seneca Elementary School began a morning exercise routine program in order to increase the number of minutes our students spend engaged in physical activity during the school day. As part of the morning announcements, students throughout the school perform a wide variety of exercises set to music. The various exercise routines were designed to get our students’ blood pumping first thing in the morning so that each student can reach their full potential physically, socially and academically. This year the morning exercise program has advanced to a whole new exciting level. What’s different? This year, our school’s fifth grade class has pitched in to act as “Exercise Leaders” for the younger grades. Working in pairs, the fifth graders go to an assigned classroom each morning to lead the class in the exercise routine. Fifth grader Ben Pollack knows what kind of a difference they make when they act as exercise leaders. Ben says, “Exercise helps you grow and be fit. We like to help out the younger grades with their exercises every morning.” It’s a symbiotic relationship. Not only do the fifth graders enjoy helping out but the students in grades kindergarten through second grade really enjoy having “the big kids” in their classrooms leading them in exercise. First grader Allison Kenyon spoke highly of the morning exercise leaders when she said “they are nice people and they don’t say can’t”. The can-do attitude the morning exercise leaders instill every day in our younger students is certainly inspiring! Another reason why South Seneca shines!

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