Seneca Sheriff Dept. recommended for accreditation

A three member New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Council on Law Enforcement Accreditation Team will be formally recommending to the State Council on Law Enforcement Accreditation that the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office be awarded New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation status.Three veteran police assessors spent three days at the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office conducting an on-site accreditation assessment of the Law Enforcement Division which encompasses Administration, Uniformed Road Patrol, Criminal Investigation, Evidence and Records sections. Assessors reviewed Sheriff’s policies, procedures, operations and conducted dozens of interviews with staff to ensure complete compliance with 132 standards of law enforcement best practices.In their closing exit interview held in the John Walters Training room at the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office attended by Sheriff’s employee’s and Seneca County Supervisors Lee Davidson, Robert Hayssen, Cindy Garlick-Lorenzetti, Steve Churchill and Ron Serven the assessment team had the highest praises for the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office. “Of all the on-site accreditation assessments we have conducted throughout the State of New York, the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office ranks at the top of the list. We found their policies and procedures were clearly written and staff had an excellent working knowledge of what was expected of them. We have gone into some agencies and have had to have them re-write entire policiesto gain compliance. In the case of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office we had to add only two words to one policy to meet the compliance standard. Most importantly, the members of the Seneca County Sheriff’s exhibited the highest degree of professionalism in performing their duties. None were intimidated by our presence during the assessment process, as we have found in other agencies. They had a thorough knowledge of what is expected of them as they go about doing their jobs. They are truly professionals and the residents of Seneca County should be proud of their Sheriff’s Office. The men and women of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office held their heads high and go about this dangerous job day in and day out in a professional manner”, said William Peverly, Assessment Team Leader.The assessment team will forward a comprehensive written report to the New York State Council on Law Enforcement Accreditation recommending the awarding of accreditation status for the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office. The official award ceremony will take place in Albany on March 2, 2011.“Today, we take another huge step in restoring the public’s confidence in the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office” said Sheriff Jack Stenberg. “We put our policies, procedures and operations out there for intense scrutiny by professionals representing the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services and have passed with flying colors. The assessors left no stone unturned and gave a top to bottom review of how we conduct our operations. I am proud as every resident of Seneca County should be knowing that we have demonstrated what few other law enforcement agencies in the State of New York have done. We put our entire operation out front and center for an intensive review by outside experts and at the end of this process we were found to be in complete compliance with contemporary practices in policing” remarked Sheriff Stenberg.“With Court Security and Corrections Accreditation status previously conferred, the only remaining Sheriff’s Division to undergo a Stateaccreditation assessment is the Civil Division, and we are making plans for that to be done within the next three weeks”, said Sheriff Stenberg. “We have completed our policy formulation and implementation for the Civil Division and fully expect to successfully pass the upcoming on-site Civil assessment and in doing so will be only the second Sheriff’s Office in the State of New York to be fully accredited” said Sheriff Stenberg.Stenberg credited Undersheriff Gary Sullivan with managing all four accreditation programs. “One can not fully appreciate the complexity of managing and achieving total compliance with over 450 standards of excellence in all four Sheriff’s Divisions” said Stenberg. “Gary’s tenacity, professionalism and untiring motivation leading the accreditation effort has helped make this one of the most respected and well trained Sheriff’s Office in the State. We have come along way from the days of the past and without question there may be bad decisions made by some in the future – as there is anytime the human element is introduced, but, now we have the proper foundation to build upon for the future. I am extremely proud of the employees in all our divisions for their professionalism and dedication to duty”, said the Sheriff.

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