LeBrun Motors updates customers on move

This note is to all our valued, loyal customers, many of you have been coming to our dealership in Waterloo for several years. As you may know, we are moving our Nissan dealership to Auburn, NY in a few short weeks. Time sure moves quickly! But, I want to tell you why we are moving, and what you can expect from us. So, I please read on.Times sure are a changing- here and all around us. It seems like the entire world took an about-face during the trying last 18 months or so. For us at LeBrun motors, we found ourselves in unchartered territory; as you know, we held the GM/ PONTIAC & BUICK, as well as the NISSAN new car franchises-Nissan since 1970; GM since 1977. In late 2008, the automotive climate was turned upside down. It seemed like the auto companies were in for a real struggle. In early 2009, GM decided to discontinue the PONTIAC line of cars; A line we held. Then, a short while later, GM announced they were going into bankruptcy! I must admit, I never saw this coming. Be it as it may, when GM went bankrupt, they made a decision to have fewer dealers representing them. You can put 2 & 2 together here, GM no longer wanted BUICK to be represented in Seneca County. By going into bankruptcy, GM could do whatever they pleased; and they did. So, we were told BUICK was not available to us any longer.Moving forward, Steve (my brother & partner) saw the writing on the wall, and we decided it was time to consider another location for our NISSAN business. NISSAN actually has been after us to relocate to Auburn since 2005- they felt their brand would be better represented there. If you asked me 3 years ago if we were ever considering leaving the Waterloo location, I would have said “no way”… with the GM & NISSAN brands, we were able to serve all our customers in a proper fashion. So, when GM got into trouble, we began looking for a site in the Auburn area. I knew we either had to get out of the NISSAN business, or move to the preferred location. Since I really enjoy what I do, the choice to move was made.Fast-forward to January 2011. We have now nearly completed a brand-new facility, which is ‘state of the art.’ This new facility is spectacular and is designed in the most customer-friendly way. There was plenty of thought and planning that went into the new store. A process that would allow us to provide the best customer experience possible! We certainly hope you will come over and take a look. Many of the familiar faces you know will be there ready to serve you.I want to personally thank you for all your patronage over the past years. We would not be in business at all if it were not for all the great customers we have. So please accept my invitation to come over to the new store and check us out. As always, I will be there seeing things through. We will be running several sales, service specials & coupons over the upcoming months- please take advantage of them! We are anxious to see you over there!Again, thanks for being the best customers any dealer could hope for.Sincerely,Dave LeBrun

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