NYCC announces collaboration with Georgetown

Seneca Falls, NY – Georgetown University Medical School has selected New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) to assist it in training licensed professionals in the complementary and alternative healthcare disciplines. According to Aviad “Adi” Haramati, PhD, who co-directs at Georgetown with Hakima Amri, PhD, the academic affiliation is intended to “… break down the silos that hold the disciplines apart and create relationships between the disciplines and the educational institutions that prepare the nation’s future healthcare providers.” Dr. Haramati initiated Georgetown’s unique Master of Science in Physiology program that emphasizes complementary and alternative medicine in an effort to provide instruction in three areas: grounding in science (especially systems and cell physiology), introductory exposure and understanding of CAM disciplines and philosophies, and the ability to rigorously assess the state of evidence regarding safety and efficacy of various CAM therapies. With this education in hand, students may then pursue career options related to research (advanced study leading to the doctorate degree), policy and administration (in government or the non-profit sector), or continue their training in one of the health professions. Looking to introduce scientific rigor and to generate much needed evidence-based research, Haramati sought a top quality school that objectively assessed the safety and efficacy of CAM modalities including acupuncture, massage, herbs and supplements, and mind-body interactions. NYCC’s robust research program and widespread reputation for academic excellence among chiropractic and acupuncture professionals made it an attractive candidate for the affiliation. Pleased with the new collaboration, NYCC Executive Vice President and Provost Dr. Michael Mestan said, “We welcome the opportunity to partner with a university the caliber of Georgetown, and are enthused at the prospect of training such capable students with expressed interest in natural healthcare.”

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