Schuyler Ambulance Announces Future Plans

During a monthly Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce meeting, Schuyler County Volunteer Ambulance Association (SCVAA) President Jeremy Pierce talked about the associations’ plans and visions for the future. Their current building is now over 35 years old and needs many repairs. The association has also outgrown the building, with its increase in staff and crew and the number of ambulances they need to house. An addition to the building was added which gives them more room to conduct meetings and required trainings for EMT’s, but does not efficiently meet their needs for bunking rooms, equipment storage, secure computer facilities, or office space. Schuyler Ambulance is located at 909 South Franklin Street in Watkins Glen across the street from the Shared Services buildings. The association has a diagram of their vision of a facility that would give them the required space for current needs with ample space for expansion as the next 30+ years go by, but lacks the funds to build the structure. They announced that they have been seeking ways to fund the building and will continue to consider ideas and sources.The Chamber of Commerce (COC) meeting gave members a behind the scenes facility tour, ambulance excursions, equipment overviews and demonstrations, as well as an in-depth look into one of Schuyler County’s most crucial organizations. The meeting was attended by over forty COC members. Present from Schuyler Ambulance volunteer Board of Directors; President Jeremy Pierce, VP Scott Cicci, Treasurer Lori Kennedy, and Captain of Drivers Kathy Swarthout, all of whom are volunteer EMTs. Also attending, Training Director and Supervisor Steve Bennett, and Buildings and Grounds Director Robert Gruver who are paid staff. Additionally present was volunteer member Bill Kennedy who is the Schuyler County Emergency Management Coordinator for the Schuyler County 911 center which works in conjunction with the Sherriff’s office. EMT’s in attendance were Nick Cecci, Rachel East, Sara Moore Gruver, George States, Joe Lewis, Susanna Wickey, Victoria Simpson, Brian Schlicher, Dave Forester and driver Stewart Potter. An experienced crew of EMT’s. Nick Cecci has been an EMT with New York state for over forty-five years, and had responded to “ground zero” in NYC during the 9/11 attack, he was there on September 12 for two days. SCVAA Is a not-for-profit 501(c)4 organization formed in 1969 to provide first response emergency medical service to Schuyler County. The association employs between 25 and 45 people (depending on the season) and has a volunteer membership of over 20 people most of the year. Its operating budget is over $800,000 a year and owns 5 ambulances fully equipped for Advanced Life Support. SCVAA receives no financial support from the Federal, State, County, Village or Town. They are supported by service contracts, insurance payments, and donations only. Catering for the event was provided by Sunset View Creamery and The Glen Mountain Market, both donating the food for the event. Ron and Carmella Hoffman, from Sunset View Creamery used to be volunteers as well. Many of the COC members are also 2010 fundraiser supporters, a list of 2010 supporters can be viewed at SchuylerAmbulance.org .For more information about SCVAA, or if you would like to become a volunteer, check out the website SchuylerAmbulance.org, or call 535-7273. To learn more about the COC event visit watkinsglenchamber.com .

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