Seneca County Sheriff warns of email scam

Seneca County Sheriff Jack Stenberg reports another internet scam that has occurred in the Seneca Falls and Waterloo areas. Residents received an internet e-mail from an e-mail address of someone they knew. The e-mails show a subject of “My Predicament!!!!!!”.The body of the e-mails start by apologizing that they did not inform the target person that they were traveling.The e-mail narratives continue by stating that they have been mugged and ask that money be sent via Western Union to an address in the United Kingdom. These e-mails were discovered to be totally fraudulent.Sheriff Stenberg advises that all citizens should be aware of this scam, along with variations, and report any suspicious incidents like this immediately to law enforcement.The Sheriff’s Office will continue to update citizens with internet scam information. Citizens can also access the latest scam and crime information by browsing the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office website at: http://sheriff.co.seneca.ny.us/

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