Seneca Co. Manager responds to DA’s job cuts

Seneca County Manager, Suzanne Sinclair responded today to a Finger Lakes Times article concerning remarks made by the Seneca County District Attorney, Barry Porsch.Sinclair said, “These statements are inaccurate and the impression left by them is grossly unfair to the members of the Board of Supervisors. The Board has never withheld funding for necessary prosecution or law enforcement efforts in Seneca County and has never suggested an unwillingness to give financial support to the District Attorney’s request in the case referenced in the article.”The Finger Lakes Times Article quoted District Attorney Porsch as stating that the Board of Supervisors refused funding for a criminal investigation, and that as a result, he was forced to eliminate positions in his office in order to fund investigations.Sinclair pointed out that Board members have expressed sympathy and support for victims of crime and their families and this investigation was no exception. Contrary to the implications of the article, the Board was willing to support the proposed investigation. The District Attorney had previously stated his intention to make changes in his office and further indicated that he believed the resulting savings could provide the funds needed for the investigation. To assure sufficient funding, the motion passed by the Board in open session provided for funding from the contingency fund in case budgetary savings were not enough.“There was no acrimony in the discussion. I see no basis for District Attorney Barry Porsch to be disappointed by the Board’s response and he gave no indication that he was,” Sinclair concluded.

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