Waterloo native pens novel of first man on Earth

From author Michael Price comes a unique and fresh weaving of the epic story of Creation. Sci-fi, religion, science, astronomy, politics, law, economics, ecology, and more intertwine to give a startling tale of the first man on earth. With a twist of drama, friendship, education, and heart, comes this newly published book Earth Genesis. Readers are sure to find this an intriguing, evocative, and thoughtful read.The oldest question held deep in the minds of men and floating unanswered in the boundaries of time is: “Where did we come from?”“Where did it all begin?”“Where are we going?”Many scholars and religious leaders have tried their best to answer these age old questions, but just maybe… The epic journey of Adam and Eve, travelers from a distant solar system, who become the first human settlers on earth.The Plain is every known and explored territory of space, made up of four quadrants. Adam hails from the planet Jeru of the Bright Quadrant. Jeru is the most dominant and powerful nation, for their technology and capabilities far exceed their neighboring adversaries. They are a scientific community and their main purpose is to help improve life throughout the Plain.Adam’s final exam is an assigned mission: a two-part test that each apprentice is to complete on their own. He has thirty days to travel through the Plain, discover an unknown species, submit a written analogy, and get graded. He is very positive about his day. What he doesn’t know yet is that a surprising turn of events is about to unfold. As he bids his best friend Michael and the other finalists good luck, he hopes that he’ll be the first one to return with a brilliant discovery in hand. Boarding his cruiser, a space ship that will take him to his destiny, he begins his journey throughout the vast Plain. Unexpectedly, perhaps a twist of fate, he would meet the beautiful Eve, fall into a vacuum, and enter a different planet—with waters, lands, air, and creatures unlike he has seen before. What would this journey bring him and where would it take him? Readers will soon find out as they accompany Adam in this journey. For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to www.Xlibris.com.

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