Seneca Falls Farmer’s Market 9/1 Report

I don’t know if you have noticed, but the farmers and vendors at the market have started getting business from some of the local restaurants. Nearly every market in the past few weeks I have seen folks from Happy Family, Bull’s Run, Zuzu’s and Kitchen DiVine at the Clarence come through shopping for “something special” for their menu, or even for their own table!Chickens, squash, tomatoes, peppers and more has made the trip up Water Street and into some of these fine establishments. Truly a credit to the quality of goods you may find at the Market and an indication of how important it is to our local businesses to support one another and take advantage of what we can offer each other to build business and build our community.Stop by on Wednesday between 11 and 4 and share in the bounty. We’ve got a surprise or two in store as well so come on by and see what’s happening at the Market on what should be a beautiful Wednesday!Now, here is an appetizer that is quick and easy and sure to please (my son made this for me, proving tuition dollars spent on Culinary Studies pays great dividends, but he made everything from scratch!)Latino Super Scoops1 Package Tostitos SCOOPS (or chips, if need be)2 cups Fresh Salsa (see past recipe or store bought, if you must)2 cups Guacamole (also, recipe available)1 small sour cream1 can of refried beansRed pepper, choppedRed onion choppedFresh Parsley chopped fineThis is an assembly line project so gather three or four friends or family members and get rolling!Each scoop is given a small “dollop” of refried beans, guacamole, salsa and topped with a dot of sour cream and a sprinkle of red pepper and/or red onion and/or parsley. THE ORDER IS IMPORTANT because the beans have the lowest liquid content so they will help keep the chips/scoops from getting too soggy. Use teaspoons to get just a little of each onto each piece.Serve with a cold pop or beer and enjoy!

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