Seneca Falls Farmer’s Market 8/25 Report

When you come to the Seneca Falls Farmer’s Market you may want to reflect on some of the headlines we’ve seen in the past week; 600 Million (that’s right MILLION) eggs recalled because of salmonella fears, 380,000 pounds of Roast Beef sold through Wal-Mart may be tainted, undeclared allergens appearing in breads distributed out west…..and that’s just this week. (BTW, for food safety questions, news and answers, keep this website handy http://www.foodsafety.gov/)Buying local not only supports our farms and farmers. It adds a measure of accountability to the food chain. At your local Farmer’s Market these are not nameless, untraceable suppliers of thousands or millions of items. Our vendors are your neighbors, members of our community and serve the same food you are buying to their own families. There is no greater reflection of trust nor guardian of quality than being able to shake hands with the grower/producer of your food and know that they take great care in bringing you their offerings each week.Seneca Falls Farmer’s Market runs from 11 – 4 in People’s Park every Wednesday and this week we have a special going on; a clearance on perennials from one of our garden vendors. Start planning for the outburst of flowers and colors for next year with these wonderful plants starting at just $1 each. If you want flowers to attract butterflies or hummingbirds, well, you may have to spend $2!See you at the market, where you can buy some fresh corn and try this recipe and put up some canned relish….Corn Relish1 quart fresh corn kernels (probably 2 dozen ears or so)5 cups chopped green bell peppers2 cups chopped onion2 cups coarsely chopped unpeeled cucumber4 cups chopped red (or yellow) tomatoes4 cups vinegar2 cups sugar1/4 cup salt1 tablespoon turmeric1 tablespoon mustard seedCombine prepared vegetables in a large kettle. Add vinegar, sugar, salt, turmeric, and mustard seed.Heat to boiling, simmer 25 minutes or until the vegetables are tender. Seal in hot, sterilized canning jars.BTW Speaking of Canning, our friends at the Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension are offering a Canning class from next Wednesday, September 1st. Costs $5 but will set you up to preserve all the freshness of summer for months to come! For more info, give them a call at 539 9251 for more information and get yourself canning!

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