New chairman for Ontario County Conservatives

I, Steven G. Poyzer, formally announce my resignation as Chairman of the Ontario County Conservative Party, (OCCP), and as a member of the Ontario County Conservative County Committee effective immediately. As a person of conscience, I can no longer condone or be party to the ill-conceived nominations and political intimidation and machinations of the Conservative Party of New York State’s (CPNYS) executive committee and leadership. Nor will I stand with any political group whose leadership fails to stand on its own principles, platform or values and abandons its own membership’s best interests for the interests of special interests, career politicians and party bosses.While the Ontario County Conservative Party has held fast to sound conservative principles and values, we have witnessed other county committees and our state party executive committee selling out to liberals, progressives and worse in the Republican and Conservative Parties. Once again, this election season the CPNYS leadership has ignored the will and efforts of its membership and squandered the party’s relevance and principles on endorsements of candidates who are not of the quality or qualification the Conservative Party should be supporting. The nomination of Rick Lazio for Governor, continued support for Assemblyman Brian Kolb and the recent endorsement of former Erie County Republican Chairman Jim Domagalski for NY’s 59th Senate District seat are ongoing examples of this compromise of conservative principles and values by the state party’s leadership. This endorsement sacrificed a much worthier candidate, David Dipietro, whom the Ontario County Conservative Party’s executive committee interviewed and found both to be of the highest conservative values and constitutional principles. The local party’s decision to endorse Dipietro, was based on his principles, values, business acumen, family values, character and past history as a Conservative Party member. The state party leadership’s decision to support a political party boss, Domagalski, is believed to be based in a backroom deal between Erie County Conservative Party leadership and the state party leadership. This speaks to everything that is wrong with the political party machines and the reality that there are no answers, solutions or future to be found in the current political party structures. I offer my thanks for the support and friendship to the members of the Ontario County Conservative Party that I have worked with for several years in various capacities, and my prayer that God bless our republic, Constitution, families and ask that God keep us pure of heart, mind and deed.To fill the vacancy created by my resignation the Executive Committee met at the Ontario County Safety Training Facility on Wednesday, August 11, 2010, at 7:30 P.M. to elect Michael F. Kloppel of Canandaigua to fill the vacant position as County Chairman.

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