Nozzolio blasts OCFSC Commissioner

Albany- New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio today harshly criticized Office of Children and Family Services Commissioner Gladys Carrion for her continued lack of judgment when dealing with violent youth criminals. Commissioner Carrion recently authorized the wedding of a 19 year-old man serving a nine year sentence for aggravated assault. Carrion allowed the wedding to take place in a State facility and permitted a three hour reception with the couple and their families. Senator Nozzolio had previously demanded that Commissioner Carrion be removed after taxpayer dollars were used to throw a sex party for youth offenders at Goshen Secure Facility last December.“The coddling of criminals needs to end in New York State,” said Senator Nozzolio, “Violent criminals are receiving benefits and privileges that our hardworking taxpayers are sacrificing in these tough times. It is completely unacceptable that taxpayer dollars are supporting outrageous expenditures like wedding receptions for convicted felons.”There have been dramatic spikes in violence at state-operated facilities since Gladys Carrion became Commissioner in 2007 under the Spitzer administration. Last year, working at the youth facilities became the most dangerous job in all of the state agencies. Workers’ Compensation claims caused by assaults and acts of violence against staff increased by 42%.Early release polices implemented by Commissioner Carrion and her administration also have resulted in deadly violence on the public, including the June 2009 murder of youth counselor Renee Greco in Lockport. Accused killer Anthony Allen, who was discharged from OCFS supervision, will stand trial this August for bludgeoning the 24-year-old to death.“Commissioner Carrion’s reckless policies, poor leadership, and lack of oversight have endangered the lives of the men and women who work in the State’s OCFS facilities. I am once again calling on Governor Paterson to immediately remove Commissioner Carrion and begin to repair the incredible damage that she has done to the Office of Children and Family Services and the programs under her supervision,” concluded Senator Nozzolio.

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