Lions Honor Long Standing Contributors

At the annual “Partner-in-Service” and Awards Picnic, the Ovid-Willard Lions celebrated an outstanding service year by recognizing service activity of individuals and club contributions. During the last fiscal year, the club distributed earnings from fund raising projects of $17,813 to over 30 organizations who served our collective community in many ways. Individuals served at fund raising, personal aid, community clean-up, and youth development projects during the fiscal year starting in July—further, some individuals additionally serve in the governance of the local club, the District of 45 Clubs, and the NYS Lions of 17000 members. A Partner-in-Service is a friend or spouse who supports the active Lion Member or volunteers to help with projects—that support contribution is recognized at this event. The highest honor the Club can award to individuals is a Melvin Jones Fellowship. Melvin Jones founded, what is now, the Lions Clubs International Clubs in 1917 and became a symbol of selfless service —the Club honors individuals with exceptional life time local service records. This year, continuing to grow, the Club recognizes a deceased Lion and corrects a delayed recognition by another state for a long standing Lion—both are exceptional actions. Locally, Bob Favreau was a house hold word—local boy made good and served his country, local government, and his community. His contributions started immediately after high school in his lifelong Ovid Village residence. Late Lion Bob served for 15 years during which he was an Officer for four and a Chairman of the popular Auction for 11 years. Locally, Bob is known as a Town Supervisor, Firemen, school bus driver, supporter of the Historic Society and Restoration of the historic Court House Complex. His breakfast order of cinnamon donut with peanut butter is a legend in this community. Wife, June Favreau, accepted this posthumous award. Lion Leo Young, originally from Waterloo, amassed an impressive service record over a 28 year period in California. He held every Office at the Club and several at the District level and with 100 % recognition for his efforts. With great passion for the work of Lions, his California communities were served well and provided many awards. The continuation of a family business brought him back to the Ovid area in 2005 after which he held Club and District Offices up to his current service period of 31 years. In recognizing him for his life time work, the Club extended the recognition period to include Lion service in another state which is an exceptional step by local standards. Robert Uplinger Distinguished Service Awards were given to Lion Paul McPherson and Lion Bob Covert.

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