Regatta Introduces the Tee Shirt Design for 2010

The Committee of Arrangements for the “Nearly Famous” Watkins Glen Cardboard Regatta introduces the Tee Shirt Design for 2010…!Each year the Regatta Tee Shirt is as unique as the event itself. Hand Drawn each year by Fred Wickham of Howell Liberatore and Wickham…the design always features the antics of the Nearly Famous Boat “Crew” of Ajax and Comet…!Since 1995 the comic duo have “sailed” the waters of Seneca Harbor Park…holding off the infamous Y2K Bug in 2000..joining in the Space Adventures of 2001 and averting disaster when Duct tape was replaced with “Malobar” 2002. They have ridden the wake of the marina sailboats…made their own cardboard from driftwood…been engulfed by a whale and faced the depths of the harbor monsters …and sailed on a craft with a skeleton crew…!In 2010 the able crew finds themselves in an all to realistic scene with an Icelandic Volcano threatening their cardboard ship. Each year a tee shirt is given to each Captain of a Cardboard Boat…and are made available to crew members….the remainder are available at the Registration area. As there are only 300 of these tee shirts printed each year…they quickly become a collectors item.The “Nearly Famous” Watkins Glen Cardboard Regatta sets sail at 2:00pm in Seneca Harbor Park. This year the event will be preceded by the “Concourse de Cardboard”…a spectator event allowing the public to see the boats…meet the crews and vote for “People’s Choice”. Spectators may cast their votes for the People’s Choice with proceeds of the voting benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of the Southern Tier.

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