Local medium competes for Oprah network show

Beth Lynch is certified as a meditation instructor, medium and intuitive consultant from Delphi University of Metaphysical Studies. She has studied meditation, yoga and other alternative methods of personal awareness for 15 years. She is passionate about teaching meditation to all ages and has seen first hand the transformation it has on ones life when they are committed to a personal practice. Inner Light Teachings is the name of her practice and has been in operating for 12 years.Beginning in South Florida she returned to Geneva where she was raised. Her practice has continued to grow in this community. She has volunteers for local cancer survivor and grief groups. She has been guiding meditation at Lakeview Mental Health Clinic introducing many to meditation who otherwise may not have been exposed to it. She is presently conducting classes and sessions at the Inner Light Meditation Center, in Geneva, NY. The Center has classes in meditation and personal empowerment. She offers an evening of meditation free every fourth Tuesday of the month. Seating is limited and always filled to capacity, so you must reserve your space.Her sensitivity to the thoughts of emotions of those in spirit has led her to help others in the healing and understanding of grief. Many do not understand that there is a natural and sacred communication between the spirit world and those still in physical expression. She has healed the loss of both her father and mother. Many of you may remember Patty Furano who was killed in the Amtrak crash in Alabama 16 years ago.It was the night of the crash that Lynch says changed her life but also helped her understand the “strange” things she felt and knew. That night in what she thought was a dream a voice told her “mother was dead”. Awakening from what she thought was a nightmare and glancing at the clock the time was clear. Early morning over the radio the news came about the crash in middle of the night. She learned the crash was at 3:15am, the exact time she looked at clock. Her mothers voice came clearly telling her she was ok. Lynch knew there had to be more to life. She shares with many how to understand the loss of loved ones is hard but we are wired to heal the heart, live and learn from it. They want this for us. Faith and trust of your own spirit is where this begins. As an Intuitive Consultant helping others is a passion for her she now calls a passionate career and God is her boss. She says with upmost respect and belief.Lynch has entered a contest to have your Own Show on Oprah’s new network OWN. She needs the communities support by voting for her on Oprah’s site.Voting is easy when following the link on her website, www.beth-lynch.com where you can see all the services and classes offered.

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