Historic Palmyra Grand Opening and Awards

Thursday, June 17th at 6 p.m. an awards ceremony at the Alling Coverlet 122 William Street, Palmyra, NY followed by tours of all Historic Palmyra museums at 6:30 p.m. We will enlighten you in the great history of Palmyra 1800 to 1850 and share with you the finest museums anywhere. After your tours, visit the Alling Coverlet Museum and Gift Shop again for your ice cream sundaes. Have a little fudge, maybe a banana split, or how about whipped cream and a cherry to top it all off. This event happens every year and is a great opportunity to see just what your Historic Palmyra offers to Palmyra’s and vicinity’s residents, school children, and tourists. The Alling Coverlet Museum boasts of the first museum dedicated to the fabric arts, specifically coverlets, holding the largest collection of hand woven coverlets in America today. Our quilt room is also a special attraction. Help us celebrate the Alling’s 34th Anniversary.The Wm. Phelps Store at 140 Market Street has been cleaned and shined and ready for your inspection. We have gotten out the good china to welcome all the guests and show how a wealthy 1880’s Palmyra businessman and his family lived. It’s all original and it’s all Palmyra. Don’t just hear about the petrified eggs or Sibyl’s ghost, come and see them first hand. We can guarantee the eggs but Sibyl only shows up when she chooses. Take a chance. The Palmyra Historical Museum at 132 Market Street has an information center. Stop in for that map, brochure, or just to ask a question or two. Of course, for all residents and visitors we say, “see Palmyra and its sites first, then we’ll be glad to show you everything else”. If you take your vacation in Palmyra then experience it all. Visit this 23 room hotel filled with all types of things from 1790, Civil War and Erie Canal. The Print Shop 140-1/2 Market Street has some great new things. Come and type on an old Underwood or Burroughs’ Comptometer. See how the Peerless platen press changed the concept of inking and printing. Check out the Collie’s Men Shop sign, the Palmyra Hatchery, and many others.Election of Officers was held on May 20th naming Joan Shaffer as Chairperson, Irene Unterborn as Vice Chairperson, Carol Plesa as Treasurer and Steve Hays as Secretary. Our Board of Trustees consists of Ronald Bollinger, Les Thomas, Barb and Bob Leisten, Elder and Sister Shumway, Terri Hopkins, Barbara DeBruyne, Andrew Lambrix, Kathy Dunn, and Ralph Kommer. For additional information on any of our upcoming events please call (315) 597-6981 or check out our web page at www.historicpalmyrany.com

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