SSHS Underclassmen Awards Ceremony

Ninth Grade Team Awards: Most Improved—Alex Porter, Kashon Rozier, Deverin Lawson, Makayla Miller, Abigail Griffin; Perseverance and Hard Work—Kim Doolittle, Kyle Percy, Chelsea Ike, Kayla Eygnor, Oliver Wick; Helping Hand Award—Emma Sherry, Kelly Kuehn, Cynthia Becker, Vivian Becker, Desarai Schulte; Academic Excellence Award—Faith McGill, Ben Frey, Tristan MacIntosh, Vivian Becker, Cynthia Becker, Jonathan Jaramillo; DaPortman Award for Overall Academic Excellence—Kelly Kuehn, Emma Sherry; Outstanding Class Participation—Andy Richardson, Cassie Wyckoff, Ben Frey, Jackson Smith, Danica Sample, Ashley Ukolowicz, Cheyenne Mushei.Tenth Grade Team Awards: Most Improved—Carlos Ortiz, Kason Rozier, ; Outstanding Attitude and Effort—Sarah Brewer, Ben Dey, Madison Fisher, Tracey Zajac, Jasmine Delong; Citizenship and Responsibility Award—Kyle Woodard, Naomi Aures, Tania Lynn Miller, Andrew Antwine; Academic Achievement in English—Jolene Paonessa, Ryan Esguerra, Kayshon Rozier, Academic Achievement in Global History—Bryant Pinette, Cody MCGuane; Outstanding Effort in English and Global History—Jordan Reukauf; Annual King of Research Award—Nick Anderson; Annual Queen of Research Award—Rachel Winstead.Science Awards: Beating Heart Award for Honorable Achievement—Ben Dey; Rosalind Franklin Award for Excellence that does not go unnoticed in Biology—Angela Peng; The Good for Something Award for Hard Work and Academic Achievement—Dwayne Falbru; Chemistry Academic Achievement and Interest—Nick LeClair, Megan Chase, Felicia Woodard, J.P. McGill.Math Awards: Geometry Academic Achievement Awards—Cynthia Becker, Vivian Becker, Hayden Wagner, Ryan Esguerra; Business Math Academic Excellence Awards—Ashley Ingandello, Nick LeClair, Mason Pell, PreCalculus Academic Excellence Award-J.P. McGill; Statistics Academic Excellence Award-Felicia Woodard.Social Studies Awards: U.S. History Academic Achievement and Outstanding Effort Awards—Jake Perry, Leann Alfonso, Kaitlynn Stafford, Jolene Paonessa, Dylan Williams, Amanda Bower. Advanced Placement U.S. History Academic Achievement Awards—Shane Wilkins, Sarah Brewer. Most Improved Global History Award-Cody McGuane; Academic Achievement in Global History-Micah Polk, Cody Nichols.English Awards: Outstanding Academic Achievement—Amanda Bower, Kelly Stephens; Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for English 11 Honors—J.P. McGill, Felicia Woodard, Megan Chase, Nick LeClair; BOCES Creative Writing Story Award Very Honorable Mention—Megan Chase.Fine Arts Awards: Most Improved in Studio Art—Desarai Schuldt; Positive Attitude and Effort in Studio Art—Tania-Lynn Miller, Kashon Rozier, Faith McGill, Brian Poulsen; Highest Average in Studio Art—Cynthia Becker, Vivian Becker; Underclassman Award in Photography—Sarah Brewer; Underclassman Award in Printmaking—Jasmine Delong.Foreign Language Awards: Excellent Story Award—Mike Nicholas; Outstanding Students of Spanish Awards—Cynthia Becker, Vivian Becker, Kelly Kuehn, Jonathan Jaramillo.Health and Physical Education Awards: Academic Excellence in 10th Grade Health: Matt Wyckoff, Hayden Wagner, Andrew Antwine, Jolene Paonessa; Academic Excellence in Response to Emergency class— Brittany Updike; Mr. Ovenshire’s Physical Education Awards for Excellence—Ian Skelton, Hayden Wagner, Sarah Brewer, Chelsea Marsh, Courtney Wyckoff, Cody Ripa; Mrs. Mattey’s Physical Education Awards for Excellence—Felicia Woodard, Cynthia Becker, Vivian Becker, Tim Westlake, Shane Wilkins.Family& Consumer Science Awards: Foods 1 & 2 Outstanding Effort Awards–Samantha Haviland, Courtney Wyckoff, Kristie Donaldson; Child Development Academic Excellence Award—Naomi Aures; Human Development Outstanding Effort Award—Kalishia Delong, Emily Jones.Music Awards: Outstanding Choral Sight Singers—Vivian Becker, Cynthia Becker; Outstanding Chorus Member Awards—Dwayne Falbru, Melissa Murphy, Shade Zajac; Outstanding Musicianship in Band Awards—Vivian Becker, Jonathan Jaramillo, Ben Dey, Tracey Zajac, Shade Zajac, Jake Perry; Outstanding Senior High Band Award—Cynthia Becker; Outstanding Marching Band Member Award—Felicia Woodard, Shane Wilkins; Band Director’s Award for Improvement—Jesse Wickham.Technology Awards: Exceptional Technology Student—Wes Wech, Josh Szymanski, Ben Frey, Brandon Morgan, Ben Dey, Greg Ganoung.Business Awards: Business Classes Outstanding Performance—Sarah Brewer, Jasmine Delong, Samantha Haviland, Faith McGill, J.P. McGill, Kirstie Miazga, Laurel Pell, Charles Smith, Robbie VanCuren, Dylan Williams.Seneca County Substance Abuse Coalition Award presented by Mary Grace, to Jasmine Delong. Jasmine designed the winning billboard in Graphic Arts class and received a $100 award and the achievement of seeing her work on three area billboards. Mary Grace commented, “This slogan is targeting parents and other adults who have a positive impact about the harm that alcohol has on the lives of young people.” Cynthia Diamond-Carey Memorial Award for Outstanding Junior in Fine Arts—Tara Jones received a $100 gift award.Boys’ State Recognition: Manning-Lilla Post 4200 was represented by Mr. Fred Percy who presented four young men with the Boys’ State Honor—J.P. McGill, Nick LeClair, Mason Pell, Josh Szymanski.Girls’ State Recognition: Mr. Fred Percy presented the Girls’ State Honor to Kristy Donaldson.Perfect Attendance: Ben Frey, Mason Nye, Seth Worrell, Timothy Westlake, Dylan Williams, Kalishia Delong, Jasmine Delong.

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