Students Window into County & Court Positions

Five area high schools recently participated in the Annual Seneca County Law Day recently. Students from South Seneca, Seneca Falls, Waterloo, Romulus and the Finger Lakes Christian School participated in this ‘career window’ forum organized by the Seneca County Criminal Justice Advisory Board. Each student was assigned a Seneca County employee as a mentor according to their interests: Lawyers, District Attorneys, Probation Officers, State Police, Social Service employees, Sheriff’s Investigators, and 911 Center employees. The day started with a gathering of the students and their mentors, tours of the jail and facilities, followed by a lunch at Abigail’s that included presentations by speakers including NYSP Investigator, Ken Smith, who spoke about Fatal Crime Scene investigations. SCSD Investigator John Cleere spoke on notifying loved ones of fatalities. Judge Dennis Bender addressed the group about Abraham Lincoln, the rule of law, and how that related to the judicial system. Seneca Falls Police Chief Capozzi spoke about DWI arrests and the effects of alcohol use on vision, balance and judgement. South Seneca junior, Amanda Bower, who shadowed a female Sheriff’s Investigator said, “Being the only woman Sheriff for a county is pretty impressive,” and went on to call her a role model for her; so much so she may consider becoming a sheriff’s deputy. Seth Worrell, a South Seneca junior was impressed with the tour of the jail and the control room, “I learned a lot of fascinating things about being an investigator and about the jail.” Kirstie Miazga, a South Seneca junior commented, “I loved having the experience to sit in on court cases and see how busy the job of Assistant District Attorney is.” Several students were surprised at the difference between court cases and prisons that are depicted on TV as opposed to real life. Kalishia Delong, a South Seneca sophomore summed it up by saying “You get a taste of what its like to be in law enforcement.”

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