Downtown Ithaca Alliance Launches Youtube Channel

The Downtown Ithaca Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new Youtube channel devoted to all things Downtown Ithaca. With the assistance of the local Ithaca based company, 4U Video Internet Productions, Downtown Ithaca has created a channel on the popular Internet video-sharing site Youtube exclusively dedicated to the events, happenings and services available in downtown. With the advent of this new channel, potential visitors, tourists and locals alike will be able to visit the site and view a Downtown Ithaca welcome video, several profiles of local business and scenes from popular downtown events like the Chili Cook-Off. The aim of the channel is to be a lively, engaging way for people to learn about and get a feel for Downtown Ithaca and all of the amazing opportunities it affords. From shopping to restaurants and gorges to events, now all of it can be viewed with the click of a mouse at www.youtube.com/downtownithaca.

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