Ovid-Willard Lion’s Club Assists Students to See Clearly

Thirty-three South Seneca Pre-K and K students filed into the nurse’s office one by one to have their picture taken. More specifically, the specialized camera owned by the Lion’s Club takes a Polaroid picture of the students’ eyes. The camera is an invaluable tool to diagnose eye disorders in young children that often go undiagnosed. Mickie Jauquet, Ovid-Willard Lion’s Club member organized and analyzed the pictures that will be sent to an ophthalmologist in Watkins Glen who will screen for eye disorders. The doctor’s recommendations will be returned to School Nurse, Karen Williams who in turn will give the information to the students’ parents. Ovid-Willard Lion’s Club members, Mr. Harold Bush and Mr. Ray Fox assisted with the organization of this event and took the pictures. Lions Clubs International Foundation funds a number of programs and initiatives to address humanitarian needs on a local and global scale, including preserving sight, combating disability, promoting health, serving youth and responding to natural disasters. Through the SightFirst program, Lions are upgrading and establishing eye health care systems in areas worldwide.

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