Give Mom the Best Give of All: Peace of Mind

THIS MOTHER’S DAY, GIVE MOM THE BEST GIFT OF ALL: PEACE OF MIND – REMIND HER TO SCHEDULE A MAMMOGRAMLegislative column from Assembly Republican Leader Brian M. Kolb (R,I,C-Canandaigua)In a break from weekly updates of (still) no progress on New York’s late 2010-11 State Budget – which is now 30 days past due – I want to shift gears and talk about a very special person in each of our lives, in the hopes it will put a smile on the face of everyone reading this column. That special person? Mom.Sunday, May 9 is Mother’s Day, a special occasion we set aside to recognize, honor and celebrate the important role of mothers in our society and say “thank you” for everything they have done, and continue doing, to make our lives better and our days brighter. Celebrated on the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day was officially named a holiday back in 1914 by our 28th President, Woodrow Wilson. Mother’s Day is usually observed by getting mom cards, flowers, gifts or, if she is especially lucky, the much appreciated breakfast in bed. All of these expressions of love and recognition are wonderful ways to show our thanks to mom. This Mother’s Day, there is something else you can do to let mom know you care, and it is far more valuable than even the nicest floral arrangement or the most heartfelt card. You can remind mom to schedule a mammogram. This simple reminder could literally help save her life.MAMMOGRAMS SAVE LIVESA mammogram is an x-ray of the breast and has proven to be a critical life-saving tool that can lead to the early identification of breast cancer. Early detection means early treatment, the importance of which cannot be overstated, especially given the fact that each year sees new breakthroughs and innovations in care, which in turn offer more hope for those with breast cancer. While the prospect of a cancer screening may seem intimidating, it is important to remember that approximately 95 percent of all mammograms prove to be normal. ADELPHI NY STATEWIDE BREAST CANCER HOTLINE & SUPPORT PROGRAMIn order to remind women of the importance of scheduling a mammogram, the Adelphi University’s School of Social Work on Long Island is once again promoting the availability of its free services and support programs that are here to help as part of its yearly “Mother’s Day Mammography Campaign.” The assistance and resources are provided through the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program, which was established in 1980 and is now celebrating 30 successful years of helping New Yorkers.LOCATE A MAMMOGRAPHY FACILITY, AND GET A REFERRAL, BY CALLING: 1-800-877-8077First, there is Adelphi NY’s Statewide Breast Cancer Toll-Free Hotline: 1-800-877-8077. Staffing this hotline and support program are 100 specially trained volunteers who offer emotional support, additional information and referrals. These volunteers are people who have “been there” – the vast majority are actually breast cancer survivors themselves. They are especially patient, understanding and helpful to anyone who calls the hotline, which typically receives 3,500 calls annually from women and men all across New York State with questions or concerns about breast cancer. The hotline staff help callers locate a nearby, accredited mammography facility so a screening can be scheduled. INFORMATION ABOUT BREAST CANCER IS AVAILABLE 24 HOURS A DAY AT WWW.ADELPHI.EDU/NYSBREASTCANCERThe second informational resource is the Support Program’s website, located at: www.adelphi.edu/nysbreastcancer. This site is especially useful as it contains easy to access information on breast cancer prevention, a glossary of key terminology, a calendar of events and forums, support groups, questions to ask your health care provider and even opportunities to volunteer to be a part of this innovative statewide program.This Mother’s Day, after all the cards and presents have been opened, give mom the best gift of all: peace of mind. Be sure to remind her – and all the women in your life – to schedule a mammogram and utilize the free services available from the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline and Support Program. Early detection remains the most critical tool we have in winning the fight against breast cancer – and mammograms are an essential health care resource that helps women lead healthy lives, while staying cancer and worry free. As always, constituents wishing to discuss this topic, or any other state-related matter should contact my district office at (315) 781-2030, or e-mail me at [email protected]. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news and informational updates regarding state government and our Assembly Republican Conference.

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