Rally to Protest the lack of Special Election

Rally save the date 2-4:00pm in Canandaigua park to be announced. The Rally will be at the Atwater Park,directly across the street from the Ontario County Court House. Election for Representation Rally” willbe held at Atwater Park in the City of Canandaigua. Atwater Park is located at 22 North Main Street, directly across from the Ontario County Court House.The Cattaraugus County Tea Party, the 912 Victor Tea Party, other associated Tea Parties and the NYS TenthAmendment Center As all constituents in the 29thCongressional District are painfully aware, we have been without our rightful representation since theuntimely resignation of of former Congressman Eric Massa. Unfortunately the wheels of Congress did not stop with Massa’s resignation and we havebeen subjected to critical legislation being passed by Congress without the capacity of our voice being heard. It compound this untenable situation,New York State Governor David Paterson has refused to act in a timely manner to set forth a date for a special election leaving our district voicelessduring this critical time in our nations history.It is for this reason that a coalition of Tea Party groups will come together from 2:00 P.M. on Sunday, May 2, 2010 until 4:00 P.M. of the same date to givevoice to our grievances, hear speakers and offer contentious evidence to the media and our Governor that “We the People” insist on being represented inCongress. Our rally will be will be peaceful but will serve to draw attention to the refusal of Governor David Paterson to set a date for the specialelection needed to grant the people of the 29th Congressional District equal representation in the United States Congress. This is a non-partisan eventand we have invited speakers from throughout the 29th and we hope you will consider attending and adding a few words.Wear your 9.12 Victor T-Shirts bringyour Flags. Hosted by Steven G. Poyzer

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