Warren Road Route 37 Detour

The Tompkins County Highway Division will be closing Warren Road for construction for two months beginning Monday, April 26, prompting TCAT to reroute the Route 37.Passengers will still be picked up at all the normal bus stops, but riders flagging down the bus along the route may have to wait at different locations.TCAT will be able to use the section of Warren Road, between Hillcrest and Farrell roads. There will be a barricade at Hillcrest and Farrell roads that allow for local traffic. TCAT buses will be proceeding around the barricades to travel on Warren Road to and from Farrell Road.Traveling outbound to North Lansing: From Warren Road, the bus will turn right onto Farrell Road and proceed past the point where Farrell Road turns into West Dryden Road. It will then turn left onto Asbury Road and then right onto North Triphammer Road and back onto the normal route.Traveling inbound from North Lansing: From North Triphammer Road, the bus will turn left onto Asbury Road, then right onto West Dryden Road (that becomes Farrell Road.) The bus will then turn left onto Warren Road and back onto the normal route.

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