Legislators for the Humane Treatment of Animals

In an effort to shed light on the pressing issues surrounding animal rights, Senator Eric Adams and Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal, joined by various animal rights groups hosted a roundtable discussion entitled “Humane Treatment of Animals” on Friday, April 16, 2010, 12:00 Noon, at 250 Broadway, New York (in the Senate hearing room on the 19th floor). Senator Adams’ statement: “Animals are entitled to caring, proper treatment at the hands of humans. The protection of and the prevention of cruelty to animals are hallmarks of a decent civilization, and our society must strive to eliminate abuse of and brutality towards animals.“I enjoyed and appreciated discussing the many issues surrounding these topics with several animal-rights activists. I announced today the formation of a new Senate-Assembly partnership group, Legislators for the Humane Treatment of Animals, to develop regulations that benefit animals and govern their appropriate treatment.”Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal’s statement: “From helping law enforcement officials better address animal cruelty abuses, to reforming the most egregious practices in factory farms, there is no shortage of work to be done in creating a more humane New York. I have enacted four laws protecting animals since assuming office four years ago. I am committed to advancing legislation this session to create an online animal cruelty database for use by police, district attorneys and adoption agencies, and to end livestock abuses like lifetime confinement and the painful and unnecessary removal of tails in cattle. This roundtable is a tremendous opportunity to work together and discuss new protections for companion animals and wildlife across our state.”

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