Accreditation Assessment for Correctional Facility

Seneca County Sheriff Jack S. Stenberg announced today that his Office has completed all of the necessary requisite steps towards achieving Accreditation for the Correctional Facility. Sheriff Stenberg reported that he has sent a formal request to the New York State Sheriff’s Association, the body responsible for the Corrections Accreditation Program to schedule the mandatory three day on-site accreditation assessment.Achieving Accreditation status for the Correctional Facility is without question the most difficult of accreditation programs to comply with. In order to be awarded Accreditation for the Correctional Facility, the Sheriff’s Office must show total compliance with one hundred sixty-six (166) professional, operational and medical standards of excellence. Showing compliance is only one step in the process – three experienced Corrections Administrators assessors will spend three intensive days on site at the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office reviewing and verifying compliance strategies put in place for the Correctional Facility.Sheriff Stenberg in making this announcement praised the members of the Sheriff’s Office Correctional Facility who have worked tirelessly towards achieving this most important milestone. “Last night, this Office had Accreditation status conferred for our Court Security Division by Mr. Peter Kehoe, Executive Director of the New York State Sheriff’s Office at the Seneca County Board of Supervisor’s Meeting. Today, we take the next step towards achieving total Accreditation status for the Sheriff’s Office by submitting a request for our Correctional Facility. The residents of Seneca County have demanded, rightfully so, that steps be taken to achieve total accreditation of all divisions within the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office. We have seen first hand how the implementations of professional and operational standards of excellence have improved how this Office delivers services to the residents of Seneca County. The members of this Office have embraced the Accreditation process and have worked diligently towards improving the effectiveness of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office” said Sheriff Stenberg.Sheriff Stenberg praised Undersheriff Gary S. Sullivan who as program manager for Accreditation has spent hundreds of hours working side by side with members of all Sheriff’s Office Divisions writing and implementing policies and procedures to enhance the operational and professional standards of the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office.Sheriff Stenberg commented, “With the Court Security Division being awarded accreditation status last night and the anticipated award of accreditation status for the Corrections Division, only the Law Enforcement and Civil Divisions remain to be accredited. The Law Enforcement Division must comply with one hundred thirty (130) standards of professional and operational excellence while the Civil Division must comply with one hundred twenty one (121) standards.” “We fully expect the remaining Sheriff’s Office Divisions to be fully accredited by the end of the year.”

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