Amateur MMA Debut for Dresden Local

Being an avid UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fan, Dresden local Jeremy “2 Guns” Young is taking the steps to making a dream a reality. Jeremy decided to start training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) under Sensei Zeus Ortiz from Team Ibuke-Do based out of Dundee. Jeremy is currently preparing to make his amateur MMA debut for the second event of Premier Cage Fighting in Hamburg, PA on May 8th. Along with Sensei Zeus, Jay Cornish has assisted with Jeremy’s training as well. Jay Cornish, Jeremy “2 Guns” Young, Sensei Zeus Ortiz It takes a lot of sacrifice and dedication to compete in this type of combative sport and not everyone can do it. “If you never competed yourself and you are always talking about fighters should do this or that, you don’t know what you are talking about” – Bas Rutten. Sensei Zeus states, “We’re taking a methodical approach to his training, Jay and I are working on every aspect that we can. I feel that Jeremy has a lot of heart and potential”.

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