Funding for Five Points Conjugal Visit Trailers

SENATOR NOZZOLIO DEMANDS FUNDING FOR FIVE POINTS CONJUGAL VISIT TRAILERS BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY FROM BUDGETMassive government bailouts, billions of dollars in new taxes, threats of park closures, delayed income tax refund checks, cuts to vital services… where does it end? Now Governor Paterson has proposed that New York State taxpayers foot the bill for nearly $800,000 to buy two double-wide trailers to be used by inmates at Five Points Correctional Facility for conjugal visits! I cannot imagine a more blatant waste of taxpayer dollars. It is unconscionable that with the financial crisis facing New York State, that anyone would propose such an outrageous expenditure of taxpayer money! The cost of these trailers is included the Governor’s budget as a part of a NEW program that the Department of Corrections wants to establish at Five Points as an incentive for good behavior in our prison system. How about obeying the law in the first place? You won’t need a prison setting to visit your spouse!This wasteful expenditure of taxpayer dollars has recently caught the attention of the National News media. Fox News recently featured the story and recognized my efforts to scrap this proposal. These are tough economic times and the Governor’s misplaced priorities are putting needless financial burdens on our taxpayers at a time when we can least afford them. Five Points Correctional Facility incarcerates prisoners who have committed serious and violent crimes and I have demanded that funding for these trailers be removed immediately from the 2010-2011 New York State budget. We need lower taxes and jobs for the people who live and work here in the Finger Lakes – not costly, special benefits for convicted criminals.I encourage my constituents to call Governor Paterson to voice their opposition to this ill-advised proposal at 1-518-474-8390. I also encourage anyone to contact me to share additional thoughts, comments, or concerns by calling 1-888-568-9816 or by visiting my website at www.senatornozzolio.com.

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