DCS Bomb Threat Investigation Update

The investigation into the recent bomb threats at the Dundee Central School continues and Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike states, “Sheriff’s Investigators have interviewed numerous people and examined as many phones in the Dundee area, and have resolved that the fourth bomb threat report received via restricted cell phone text the late evening of March 4 by school officials, and in the morning of March 5 by so many in the Dundee community is now determined unfounded,” said Spike. “Time consuming investigation shows this to be what is commonly referred to as “whispering down the line” only in this case via the contemporary cell phone texting of message forwards along with other online social networking media where harmless text gossip commences and after multiple forwards and changes between media ends in messages of a bomb threat, authentic on their face being disseminated to hundreds causing community hysteria, and much anxiety to parents and students.” Investigation continues for the verified threats left in school bathrooms February 22, and 23rd and in a locker room March 2nd all causing school evacuations, however searches by police, supported by Dundee F.D. including state police bomb dog found nothing. Dundee School Superintendent Kathy Ring is continuing with enhanced security and screening of all entering the school for the safety of students’ faculty and staff. According to Sheriff Spike “The motive may be a prank, nevertheless such matters are taken very seriously by the school and law enforcement, as demonstrated by the school’s response, as safety is paramount.” The Sheriff also thanked the Dundee School administration, state police, fire department, and the area community and parents of students for their cooperation, and ask for their continued support and information as deputies continue to offer a cash award for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this felony by calling 536-4438 or talking with the School Resource Officer Deputy Brad Quayle at the school.

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