Profits Should Not Come Before New Yorkers’ Health

OFA-New York Director Melissa DeRosa: Insurers’ Profits Should Not Come Before New Yorkers’ HealthEvidence Mounting that Status Quo Works Well for Insurance Companies While Americans, Businesses Pay the PriceAlbany, NY – Organizing for America (OFA)-New York Director Melissa DeRosa released the following statement today regarding American families paying the price for insurance companies’ unfair practices:“Mounting evidence supports what President Obama has been saying for months – under the status quo, insurance companies are profiting while American families and businesses are left footing the bill. In fact, as the President stressed in his remarks in Pennsylvania today, insurers know they can afford to price people out of health insurance because there is so little competition, they actually will make more money simply by raising premiums on their existing customers. Even worse, these companies will continue these practices as long as they can get away with it.“New Yorkers’ health should not be at the mercy of whatever tactics insurance companies employ to maximize their profits. Since last year alone, far too many Americans have already paid the price as insurance companies have logged record profits. And the evidence continues to pile up: Every year, insurers drop more people’s coverage when they’re sick and need it most. Every year they deny more people coverage because of pre-existing conditions. We cannot allow rates to keep skyrocketing or these abuses to continue.“Today, OFA volunteers join New Yorkers in sending a message to insurance company CEOs: Our health should not be dependent on insurer profits. The time is now for comprehensive health insurance reform.”

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