Yates Sheriff achieves accreditation recognition

According to Sheriff Ron Spike the Yates County Sheriff’s Civil Division will achieve accreditation recognition by the NYS Sheriffs’ Association Institute by their counsel Thomas Mitchell from Albany as only the 13^th New York State county to meet the 121 demanding benchmarking standards for operating a civil division according to the applicable myriad of laws and rules relating to serving and executing civil court process, such as summons, evictions, Family Court orders, property/income executions, orders of attachment, orders of seizure, and many more civil process items including collecting funds and enforcing civil judgments to contemporary accepted legal standards. In 2009 eight hundred legal papers were processed/served and over $500,000 dollars was collected.The Sheriff’s Civil Division staff will be recognized for their professional services that although civil process does not receive the notoriety of some public safety sheriff’s responsibilities, it is nevertheless a legal and important service to our citizenry.Refreshments will be provided after the Legislative meeting.

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