S. Seneca Elementary Students 100 Days Smarter

One hundred students on school bus #100 counting to 100 on the 100th day of school! The eighth annual South Seneca Elementary “100 Day Celebration” is all about making numbers fun. Each student was encouraged to create a project at home with a friend or family member to be displayed at the school. This year’s theme was ‘Adopt-a-Number’, where each number from 1 through 100 was adopted by a family, friend group or staff member and a project was made highlighting that number. Some students chose a number in a favorite song, a number of a favorite race car driver and their birth year. Todd Kurzweil, organizer of the celebration stated, “I’m always amazed at the students’ creativity. There is always a wide variety of ideas.” Prizes were awarded to each participant and a family night for viewing the projects was well attended. Kurzweil, a Primary remedial math teacher starts planning for the next year’s celebration the day after this one to make it exciting for students each year.The cafeteria joined in the fun with a special 100th day bag lunch. Some classes completed the 100th page of their workbooks and had guest readers that read a math-themed book. The student council held a 100 items for 100 days of school gently used book collection for the Little Red Bookshelf project and received over 200 books.

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