Did Stacey Castor murder her own father?

SYRACUSE — Did convicted murderer Stacey Castor kill her own father in addition to her two husbands?Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick confirms to CNYcentral that his office is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of Jerry Daniels on February 27th, 2002.Relatives of Michael Wallace, Castor’s first husband, say they brought the case to the attention of investigators. Wallace’s brother in law, John Corbett tells reporter Jim Kenyon that Daniels was hospitalized at St. Joseph’s hospital for a lung ailment. Corbett says Daniels was “getting better” and was due to be released, but the day after a visit from his daughter Stacey, Daniels suddenly died. Corbett says during the visit, Castor brought in an open can of soda for her father to drink.After his death, Corbett says Stacey Castor had her father’s remains cremated. She also became executrix of his estate.D.A. Fitzpatrick told CNYcentral “you know not the depths of depravity this woman is capable of.” Fitzpatrick says Castor had “financial motives regarding the death of her father.” The D.A. says Daniel’s autopsy report show he died of “natural causes”, but adds, “We’ll follow the evidence where it leads.”Fitzpatrick admits that the cremation makes the death difficult to investigate. He said he is “not optimistic we’re going to get proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”Stacey Castor was convicted nearly one year ago of murdering her second husband, David Castor by poisoning him with anti-freeze. During Castor’s highly charged trial which gained national attention, Fitzpatrick also submitted evidence that Castor poisoned her first husband, Michael Wallace through a combination of anti-freeze and rat poison. Castor was also convicted of attempting to murder her own daughter, Ashley Wallace, in a failed attempt to pin the crimes on her.Michael Wallace’s relatives believe it is no coincidence that Wallace, David Castor, and her father Jerry Daniels were buried next to each other in a plot purchased by Stacey Castor. Corbett calls it “Stacey’s monument to murder.”Stacey Castor is serving a sentence of 51 years to life in prison.

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