Court Security Division Awarded Accredidation

Seneca County Sheriff Jack S. Stenberg announced today that the Sheriff’s Office Court Security Division has been awarded Accreditation status by the New York State Sheriff’s Association. The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office Court Security Division becomes one of only five Court Security Divisions state-wide to have achieved this distinction. The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office contracts with the New York State Office of Court Administration to provide security for all courts, visitors, employees and participants at the Seneca County Courthouse.Earlier this month, the Sheriff’s Office Court Security Division underwent an extensive two day on site accreditation assessment conducted by assessors from the New York State Sheriff’s Association. The assessors reviewed administrative and operational policies and procedures relating to all facets of court security at the Seneca County Courthouse in Waterloo, New York. In addition, the assessors conducted interviews with Sheriff’s Office administrators and personnel to verify compliance with thirty nine (39) professional standards of excellence.“Today, the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office has taken the first step toward achieving State-wide Accreditation for all Sheriff’s Office Divisions” said Sheriff Stenberg. “Our staff put in a great deal of time and effort towards achieving this most important goal and it is a credit to their hard work and dedication that we make this announcement today.” “Accreditation is official recognition that a Sheriff’s Office meets or exceeds compliance with professional standards of excellence in a particular Division” reported Stenberg. Achieving accreditation nowadays is the standard benchmark that all law enforcement agencies strive to attain.While we have completed the Court Division Accreditation, we are not resting on our laurels. We are diligently implementing policies and procedures to comply with accreditation standards for our Corrections, Civil and Law Enforcement Divisions with our realistic goal of having all Divisions accredited by years end.The Accreditation process has shown us that by implementing policies and procedures we have been able to improve some of the procedures from the past and therefore fulfill our pledge when assuming office that we would provide a professional law enforcement agency for the citizens of Seneca County we serve and our employees.An Official presentation will be made to the Sheriff’s Office on March 9, 2010 at the Seneca County Board of Supervisors Meeting by Peter Kehoe, Executive Director, of the New York State Sheriff’s Association.

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