Leandra’s Law took effect December 15

Yates County Sheriff Ron Spike has alerted local law enforcement that Leandra’s Law took effect December 15. The law, named after Leandra Rosado who was killed in early October while riding with an allegedly intoxicated driver, makes it a felony to drive in an intoxicated condition while there is a passenger under the age of 16 in the vehicle. Previously law enforcement could only charge with misdemeanor endangerment of a child. The new DWI legislation was passed and signed into law on November 18, 2009, to take effect today — near record time for enacting legislation in New York State. According to Sheriff Spike a second part of the bill takes effect in August 2010 and will require that ignition interlock devices be installed on all vehicles owned by persons convicted of misdemeanor or felony DWI’s. Another part of the law requires that if a parent or guardian or other person legally responsible for a child is charged with DWI (alcohol or drugs) while the child is in the vehicle, that person must be reported by the law enforcement agency to the Statewide Abuse and Maltreatment Register.

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