Sexual Assault & Abuse – How do I Survive and Thrive?

Certified Financial Planner, disaster planning expert, author and crisis counselor, Nicole Simpson will be in Syracuse, NY, October 25 – October 27, 2009 to speak to audiences about surviving sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Nicole B. Simpson brings a unique perspective to the healing of personal abuse by sharing steps women can take to handle catastrophic events and move forward in life, despite the individual’s current circumstances.As a motivational speaker and crisis counselor Nicole B. Simpson also brings significant personal and tragic experiences that affected her and her family physically, emotionally and financially. Growing up in a poverty-stricken area in New Jersey, sexually violated as a child for seven years, stalked and a World Trade Center survivor, it is these experiences that allows Simpson to penetrate the tough exterior people often use as a roadblock after an attack to empower, educate and encourage and identify compassionately with their suffering and circumstances. Speaking honestly and candidly Simpson shares what she has learned from her personal tragedies to teach others how to overcome unexpected personal disasters.Simpson is invited to Syracuse to present, “Bruised but Not Broken at The Kings Healing Room and the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ on October 25th, and the Jamesville Correctional Facility on October 27th. “Bruised but Not Broken” directly addresses how women can begin to pick up the pieces of their lives and move forward in life after sexual abuse.”Bruised but Not Broken’ is specifically designed to introduce women to the path of emotional recovery.The mental stability of a victim is so fragile, that life and future relationships can be forever altered. But as did Simpson, survivors can live a victorious and successful life. I respectfully request an interview with Nicole B. Simpson to bring awareness to your audience about recovering from sexual abuse and to invite them to the Bruised but Not Broken Seminar. For More Information on Nicole B. Simpson please visit www.nicolebsimpson.com. To book Simpson for an interview contact Lynk Public Relations at [email protected]

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